Meet OUR Feline Family Pictures




Maryah and Toby
Maryah and Toby


Laynie on couch
Laynie sleeping on the couch

Maryah under the bed

Toby on a box
Toby on a box

Toby scared face
Toby – love that face

Lewie as a kitten
Lewie as a kitten – He’s a big, twelve-pound kitty now!

Gabby drinking water
Pretty clever cat, knows where to get a drink.

Cats on the bed
Cats on the human’s bed.

Jasper long tail
Notice Jaspur’s long black tail

Mikey stretched out
Mikey stretched out relaxed.

Gabby on pillow
Gabrielle blends in nicely on this pillow.

Cats on bed
Our cats are fixated with our bed.

Gabby and Mickens
Gabby and Mickens.

Jim and Jasper
Jim and Jaspur.

Maryah chilling out
Maryah Chillin Outside.