Cat Collectors’ Convention, 2003

By Lauren Merryfield

(note: I began writing an article on my first visit to the Cat Collectors’ Convention, but I kept rhyming things, so here’s how it came out. Oh well. Dr. Seuss may be gone, but I’m not, lol.)

“Come join us now, come one and all.”
I heard the skies of Denver call.
The Cat Collectors’ there to dwell
In Denver, at a fine hotel.

Would there be many; there be few?
How many of us, no one knew,
But lookers-on began to fear
That there were way too many here.

The catly clothes, the fun meows,
The bags and boxes–holy cows!
Oh, back to cats, how could there be
So many different kinds to see?

Small cats on bracelets and as pins;
Some trimmed with lace; some cats in tins.
A catly quilt, it took the prize
As highest bid, donation-wise!

The money raised for Denver’s cats
The real, live ones, oh, and that’s
the best part of the weekend there;
To pet the dear ones at Cat Care.

The wind-chime cats rang out so clear,
while antique cats brought on a cheer.
A flag with black cat there to buy;
Some prices low, and some quite high.

The home-made cats of wood and wire;
The artist in us did inspire.
Some cats cross-country, came from store
and many spawned a tale of lore…

A cat with rick-rack and a bow
Brought mem’ries back of long ago.
A wooden sign said “Purrfect Friends”
With cats cut in the letters’ bends.

But most of all, how could it be
That there were catly ones like me
who loved the real ones oh, the best,
but held creations to their chest

In awe of artist’s time and care
to fashion cats so very rare…
Or find a match to one they own;
a purse, a pin, of fabric sewn.

Our money went, oh, way too fast;
Collectors’ dreams soon spent at last,
to end as one and all we drew
Back to the airport and their crew.

But one thing changed from start to end–
We cat collectors found a friend
or two or more among the throng;
a feeling that we now belong

To that sweet purrfect catly bond
of caring friends we now feel fond
of which will bring the laughs and tears;
We’ll meet again in just two years!

Lauren has written about cats since she was in grade-school. She is a member of the Cat Writers’ Association and has contributed human and animal-interest articles to several publications.